About Genuine Self Images

Genuine Self Images (GSI) is a nonprofit registered with the Commonwealth of North Carolina in the United States of America. We provide a range of services for young women to motivate, educate, and inspire them to lead successful lives.

Our Vision

To become the national central point for all social services relating to adolescent, preteen girls and young women, with their transition to adulthood.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer unique and customized services that will educate, encourage, strengthen and empower pre-teens, adolescent girls and young women; assisting them with personal growth and positive change. We provide innovative services and technological solutions along with our strategic alliances with other organizations.

Our Values

Development — Genuine Self Images is committed to assisting young women to develop skills for leading successful, independent, and fulfilling lives.

Faith Based — Genuine Self Images is committed to offering services and products that doesn’t contradict the teaching of the Bible

Services — We provide creative, innovative, and interactive programs to empower young women.

Support — We offer positive discussion forums, Web portals, and programs for young women to address the daily challenges they face.

Safety — Our services are conducted in safe locations including churches, conferences, colleges, schools, and community centers.

Staff — Our highly esteemed staff includes motivational speakers, mentors, and certified coaches for workshops/seminar sessions and mentoring programs.

Partners — GSI has alliances with other established national and local organizations that exemplify our values. With these partnerships, we are able to draw upon, incorporate, and utilize the expertise that these organizations have perfected.

Our Staff and Volunteers

GSI takes pride in the quality of our staff and volunteers, as well as the recruiting techniques and screening process we employ, to ensure we create an absolutely safe environment for the children. Our professional staff includes: psychologists, attorneys, nurses, teachers, principals, and entrepreneurs.