Genuine Self Images Services

Workshops and Programs

GSI provides workshops and seminars that deliver life-changing content and strategies. We are committed to challenging the traditional method of educating and offer interactive sessions and ongoing support to engage the audience on challenging topics. Our programs are confidential, non-judgmental, and delivered by genuine professionals. If you don’t see a program topic in our offering that doesn’t fit your needs, don’t worry. GSI has partnered and serve as a conduit to other organizations so we can develop, “On Demand” the right solution for your event.


  • I’m Worth Waiting For.
  • Transition from Home to College. Freedom: Am I Really Free?
  • Smart-Girl makes smart choices

Mentoring Services

GSI has partnered with Big Brothers Big Sisters to offer mentoring services. Mentoring is a developmental partnership offering a one-on-one collaboration wherein the mentor shares knowledge, skills, information, and perspective to foster the personal and professional growth of another, as well as assisting with setting and achieving goals and problem solving.

Any girl signing up with the GSI Club or contacting our staff and expressing interest in mentoring will be referred to the local BBBS.

Service Learning Initiatives

GSI's service learning initiatives is an educational approach that combines learning objectives that ranges from business skills, personal development, and etc with community services. This provides a pragmatic, progressive learning while meeting societal needs. The Survivor Friendly Project and Teen Life are currently two focused programs created by GSI that is integrated into its programs and outreach.

Addressing Teen Issues using Advance technology